Hi! I’m Ali.

What I do
  • Read books
  • Drink coffee

I am a thirty-three year old caffeine addict and book obsessed cat mom living in Calgary, AB Canada.

I have been a reader all my life. There something about escaping between the pages of a great book that brings me such immense comfort and joy.

Typically I tend to read mostly fantasy and romance, but I am the definition of a mood reader. I cannot stick to a set TBR for the life of me and I have tried. Whatever sounds good at the time, is what I will pick up. This helps me to read so many more book because I hit a slump less often.

I am also a bookstagramer and been an active member of the bookstagram community for almost four years. To say I am obsessed with the community would be an understatement! Over the last four years I have grown my account to over 12,000 followers, which is pretty crazy to me!

When I am not reading, you wall find me at home with my boyfriend Ryan and our two cats, Barbara and Meika or out in the mountains.

I am very excited to start this website to share more of my thought about books, coffee and social media with you all, because they are the things I love most. Stick around, it’s going to be a good time!

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