Book Review: In The Band by Jean Haus – 3/5

Technically I didn’t read this book; I listened to it. I had purchased the audiobook ages ago, but never got around to listening to it!

I walk to and from work, about 45 minutes each way and I have found audiobooks have been such a great way to keep myself entertained on the walk! Plus it’s helping my book goal for the year!

A few years ago, I was in a significant romance novel stage. That’s why I am so behind on so many of the popular YA Fantasy series and am trying to catch up!

However, I was feeling a romance this week, so I decided that this was the one! I mean, it’s a romance novel about a band. How can it go wrong?

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this book. It was fun to listen to, and I found myself genuinely immersed in the story, wanting my walk to be longer so I could listen more!

Goodreads Synopsis

When family problems push Riley Middleton into giving up a percussion scholarship in another state and attending college from home, her friends push her to try out for a local rock band. Of course, Riley makes the band. She rules at the drums.

Riley soon finds out rock bands have a different dynamic than marching bands, especially when each of her male band mates has a major ego and is a major player. Two of them relentlessly flirt with her. The other—a dark, sexy rock god she can’t help being attracted to— is a total jerk and pushes her to quit. She becomes determined to ignore his rudeness and his hotness. Even if she was interested in jerks, a hook up would probably get her booted out of the ego-ridden band, and playing keeps her sane. Behind the drums, the world and its troubles evaporate.

If she wants to stay in the band, Riley needs to ignore the growing sparks between her and her band enemy. But as she gets to know the man behind the stage persona, ignoring him proves to be more difficult than flowing through a time sig shift.

What I Liked

Tough Topics: This book touches on a lot of important issues such as depression and suicide. The way it does is from the perspective of Riley, who is impacted by her mothers depression. I liked how it showcased what a family member goes through when a loved one is suffering.

Riley: I really liked the main character, Riley. While sometimes I felt she came across a little bratty and annoying, I remembered that the book is from her perspective and her internal thoughts. Who doesn’t have a few thoughts full of angst?

I liked her relationship with her little sister, and that her family is so important to her. She’s trying to keep it together when she feels like it’s falling apart.

Romeo: I liked how the author showed how first opinions could sometimes be deceiving. At first, Romeo seems like a total dick with no redeeming qualities. As the book progresses you learn so much about him, what his motivations are, and why he is the way he is. It turns out; he’s not a dick at all! He’s actually quite sweet and caring in ways you wouldn’t expect.

What I Didn’t Like

A lot of Tropes: Now, I know that when I pick a romance novel up, I am probably going to come across some tropes. Sometimes I love them, and sometimes I don’t. There was just a lot in this one such as:

The bad boy who isn’t so bad
A girl who thinks she’s plain actually being amazing
The best friend is in love with her
Womanizing rockers

Overall I enjoyed the book, and had a good time listening to it! If you’re looking for a good music based romance, I recommend it!

What do you look for in a romance novel?

Buy In The Band by Jean Haus

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